May 14 Press release on special federal prosecutor

NY State Women’s March and Chris Christie Corruption fighter Bill Brennan are demanding that a Special Federal Prosecutor be appointed forthwith.  Jeff Sessions is guilty of perjury and cannot be permitted to investigate the conspiracy that he himself took part in.  Nor can his political appointees.
At 7:30 PM concerned citizens are asked to assemble at the Jewish Museum on 92nd Street and 5th Av. At 8:00 PM we will march to the Russian Consulate on 91st Street between Madison Ave and 5th Ave for a candlelight vigil outside the Russian Consulate.
It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian Government to affect the outcome of our presidential election.. 
The facts as we understand them are as follows:
  • Agents of the Russian KGB hacked democratic emails and used that data to assist Trump’s campaign.
  • National Security Advisor Mike Flynn resigned after being caught lying to the Vice President about Russian sanctions.
  • President Trump lied about when he knew Flynn had lied to the Vice President.
  • Attorney General Sessions committed perjury during his confirmation when he denied having contact with the Russian Ambassador while part of Trump’s campaign.
We the people demand that a Special Prosecutor be appointed immediately in order that Jeff Sessions be investigated and prosecuted to fullest extent of the law.  May the investigation go wherever the evidence leads.

May 14 press release: Motion filed – State v. Christie, Complaint No. 0219-S-001009

State v Christie – Update 
“Based on new evidence and changed circumstances, Bill Brennan has filed a new motion for the appointment of a special prosecutor in State v Christie.
A previous motion was denied based on Judge Mizdol’s opinion that Mr. Brennan lacked standing to participate (any further) once probable cause was established.  
Thereafter Judge Mizdol vacated Judge McGeady’s probable cause finding and sent the matter back for another probable cause determination (set to occur on 2/16 at 0900).  Mr. Brennan’s standing has been reconstituted now that probable cause is pending.
The Bergen County Prosecutor and the Office of Attorney General have announced that no matter what evidence is presented or how Judge McGeady rules, they will not prosecute the governor.  They sent that letter to the media and wrote it for no reason other than to aid and abet the governor with his attempt to mislead the public into believing that the matter had been dismissed.”